Sunday, January 15, 2012

Random things that have caught attention today and yesterday

So last night I rented a new movie I'm guilty of fandom because the only reason I rented it was because of my love for Alexander Skarsgard!! The movie in question is Straw Dogs a remake of a scary movie about a woman and her new husband returning to her childhood home so he can finish his script.At first i couldnt really get into the movie it was slow and boring.Insert Skarsgard with no shirt it was rather yummy and got my attention off of temple run real fast. I wont spoil the ending but it was supper creepy with evil rednecks bent on revenge. There are some scenes that I would warn against watching because of sexual violence and blood and violence. Over all after you get past the slow opening it's a pretty decent horror movie and the plot seams realistic so that ups the scare factor by 10 points!

You're welcome 

I have also become recently addicted to a little game called Skyrim! Zomg it is amazing idk why I have never played it before but because of me being sick I have played it all day. I'm still no pro at it but I'm getting better :D 

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