Monday, April 9, 2012

Newest addictions!

So lately I have discovered that I have a very addicting personality. How did I discover this I believe it was when I realized I have 29 red lipsticks! Red lipstick is just one of my latest addictions I literally cant get enough of them my latest splurge being 6 new ones from NYX. Everyone says that they wish they could wear red like I do and it look natural, my mom says it is because I have the Snow White coloring going on :P.  I even have the snow white lipstick!

Another new fascination of mine is this little known show called MADMEN.
Oh my gosh it is addicting I received the first season for Christmas but sadly it got lost and was not found until 3 months later! I'm currently waiting to purchase the fourth season when I can afford it. It is amazing the era it is set in when everything is starting to go modern when rights are starting to change the faces of businesses. IT is breathtaking. How everyone is corrupt in their own ways including the main character Don(Dick) Draper (Whitman) who is definitely the most flawed character on the show. Yes he is sexy as hell but he really needs to learn to keep it in his pants!
But it seems that AMC can do no wrong these days withe MADMEN,The Walking Dead and The Killing aka 3 of my favorite shows right now.

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